Entertainment Buffet now produces 2 monthly comedy shows in Chicago!


This show is moving to Music Box Theatre in 2020.

Originally hosted by Empirical Brewery

This features a live stand up comedy show following by screening a bad movie where the comedians make fun of it to the audience.


This show is hosted in Forest Park

A stand up comedy showcase where in between comedians, the host reads anonymous embarrassing stories and examples of a "faux pas" audience members and comedians wrote..


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Hosted by Brandon M. Prosek and our new host Jessica Kwazz that covers entertainment topics from film, television, comedy, pop culture and more.

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New Short Film!

A mockumentary about four friends who destroy their relationships and friendships after a game of Mario Party consumes their darkest sides.

It stars Joe Mangles, Shannon Smith, Alexis Alotta, Cedric Bagwell and is narrated by Jerry Gonzalez.


New Web Series! New episodes coming out every other Thursday starting March 15th. 

Plan B is an original series about a group of weird friends who decide to try to raise a baby as a team instead of a traditional couple. Follow Trish, Candice, Michael and Randy as they navigate preparing for parenthood and their various shenanigans. This series stars Sarah Perry, Kelly Baskin, Cedric Bagwell and was created by Brandon M. Prosek.

Initial Run of How Does That Make You Feel?

If you would like to view a recording of one of the performances you can see videos below. Directed by Mary Nora Wolf. Written & Produced by Brandon M. Prosek

How Does That Make You Feel? One evening a therapist is visited by a handful of his patients who plan to throw a big raging party like it's their last night on earth because at the end of the night they want to take their own lives. The therapist tries to juggle sitting down for one final session with each of his patients to convince them to not do it while also dealing with his own personal demons. Antics and shenanigans ensue as the play bounces between drama and farcical absurdity.