Over the years, Entertainment Buffet has produced a handful of short web series including Pizza Delivery, Common Therapy and the new web series coming March of 2018 called Plan B

Plan B is a web series created by Brandon M. Prosek and had episodes produced by Ashley Sims, Lisa Ancilleri and Ellie Stanford that also featured a team of writers.

The series stars Sarah Perry, Kelly Baskin, Cedric Bagwell and Brandon M. Prosek

Plan B is about a group of weird friends who decide to try to raise a baby together as a team instead of as a traditional couple. We follow Trish, Candice, Michael and Randy navigating preparation for parenthood and their various shenanigans.

The series will feature 10 episodes released every other Thursday following the first two episodes which premiered on March 18th, 2018

Pizza Delivery is a web series that was created by Brandon M. Prosek and produced by Jessica Kwasniewski.  


The series stars Joe Mangles as a Pizza Delivery Man constantly faced with awkward situations with customers at the door when he's trying to give them their pizza.


In the 8 episodes, Pizza Delivery features a hilarious supporting class including Kelly Baskin, Sara Linker, Clarissa Gidcumb, Terrence Carey, Erin Wethern, Jayson Acevedo, BriElle Munizzi, Julie America, Natalie Weldon and Angela Wing.

Common Therapy

Common Therapy is a web series that was created by Brandon M. Prosek and produced by Aaron Brokenbough and Jessica Kwasniewski.  



The series stars Aubrey Marquez as the worst therapist in the world who talks about himself, hits on his patients and questions the validity of their problems. 



In the 4 episodes, the supporting cast includes patients played by Sarah Perry, John Tervanis, Richard Inman and Cedric Bagwell.


Happy Cooking Fun Time is a web series created by and starring Chase Ingrande and executive produced by Brandon M. Prosek.



Ester DeFleurphe Skrimpfs (Chase Ingrande) hosts a cooking show released on Tuesdays, where she shows you how to make fun desserts and meals like birthday cake, buffalo dip and steak.



Every time things are going swimingly for Ester, friends or dates cancel on her which turn her show into a drunken mess of rambling.

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Deep Dish Days

Deep Dish Days was a branded web pilot that was not picked up for a full season by Lou Malnati's Pizzeria. The series is about Ryan, a server at Lou Malnati's who deal with various customers while falling in love with a frequent guest.  




The series was written, directed and created by Brandon M. Prosek and produced by Jessica Kwasniewski.