Beginning in 2016, Entertainment Buffet began slowly branching into the realm of live entertainment. First with their comedy variety show Entertainment Buffet LIVE! Produced at The Comedy Bar in River North Chicago. 

In August 2017, Entertainment Buffet produced their first original feature length play titled How Does That Make You Feel? This dark comedy was directed by Mary Nora Wolf and written and produced by Brandon M. Prosek. 

In June 2018, Entertainment Buffet is producing their second theater production. Coming June 14th, 17th, 21st and 24th. Out of this World will be 4 original short plays presented as sci-fi/fantasy comedic theater experience!

From the minds of Bree Haskell, Vic Kuligoski and Brandon M. Prosek. The show will be presented at Stage 773 with more details to follow.


Thank You to Everyone Who Came Out for Our Initial Run of How Does That Make You Feel?

If you would like to view a recording of one of the performances you can see videos below. Directed by Mary Nora Wolf. Written & Produced by Brandon M. Prosek

How Does That Make You Feel? One evening a therapist is visited by a handful of his patients who plan to throw a big raging party like it's their last night on earth because at the end of the night they want to take their own lives. The therapist tries to juggle sitting down for one final session with each of his patients to convince them to not do it while also dealing with his own personal demons. Antics and shenanigans ensue as the play bounces between drama and farcical absurdity.