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Movie Trailer Trash features the husband and wife duo of Charlie and Bethany Duber. One of their favorite things to do together is watch and discuss movies. 

Movie Trailer Trash was created because Bethany and Charlie noticed that they could discuss a movie at length before they had even seen it, based solely on the trailer. They realized they are not the only ones who like to judge a movie by its trailer.

How many of us sit in the theater watching the previews and decide which movies we want to see next. If you have ever leaned over to the person next to you and said, “That looks terrible,” or “we HAVE to see that one,” then you know exactly what we are talking about. 


Host of the podcast Charlie Duber actually went to high school with Brandon from Entertainment Buffet where they also created a 24 episode silly improv web series called "The Proze & Dubes Show" which you can find on the Entertainment Buffet YouTube page.


In May 2016, Brandon reached out to Charlie and Bethany to bring their podcast to the Entertainment Buffet channel so most of their episodes can be listened to on their as well as iTunes and other listening services

If there is a movie coming out that you would like us to review send us a tweet with the request @mttpodcast.