Jessica Kwazz Bio

 Producer/Occasional Actor


(Jessica as "Beth" in Communal Writer's  Block)

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Jessica Kwazz graduated Columbia College Chicago studying Cinema Arts + Sciences in the spring of 2015. She has worked on many video projects ranging from short films to online content.


In fall of 2012, Jessica met Brandon Prosek and produced a sketch he wrote called Doctor Doctor. The partnership worked as Jessica went on to produce many more of Brandon's sketches. She also would star and cameo in a couple of them (as seen on the left). In the winter of 2013, Jessica officially joined Entertainment Buffet as the head producer. Jessica also produced Entertainment Buffet's latest short film releasing in the fall of 2014 called "Weighed Down."


In 2016, after her move to Los Angeles California, Jessica began writing and creating a web series called Film Femmes which will be released through Entertainment Buffet later this year.


Projects Jessica has Produced and starred in for Entertainment Buffet:


-1-800-COCK-BLOCK (2015) -   Producer/ Cameo as "Grossed Out Girl"

-The Sassy GPS (2015) -   Producer

-Common Therapy: Drinking Problem (2015)   -   Producer

-Common Therapy: Childhood Issues (2015)  - Producer/ Cameo

-Common Therapy: Sexaholic (2015) -  Producer

-Pizza Delivery: Crazy Hungry (2015) -  Producer

-Pizza Delivery: Busy Mom (2015)  - Producer

-Pizza Delivery: Bachelorette Party (2014)  - Producer

-Pizza Delivery: Freaky Fortune (2014)  - Producer

-Pizza Delivery: Spoilers (2014)  -  Producer

-Pizza Delivery: No Cash (2014) - Producer

-Deep Dish Days (2014) - Producer/ Background Extra

-Weighed Down (2014) -  Producer

-The First Time (2013) -   Producer

-Communal Writer's Block (2013) -  Producer/ Starred as "Beth"

-Eye Hockey 101 (2013)  -  Producer/ Cameo as "Goth Girl"

-Doctor Doctor (2012)  -   Producer