Jerry has been making films since the tender age of 4.  With years of high school musical theatre, voice acting, and animation experience to back him up, Jerry strives to do it all. Jerry currently studies film and voice acting at Columbia College.  In Jerry's free time, he runs his own channel: Residence Beyond that has racked up over 3,300 subscribers and over 700,000 channel views. 


Jerry met Brandon from Entertainment Buffet and began collaborating recording audio for the upcoming Plan B comedy web series. Later on, Jerry went on to join the team in writing, directing, recording sound, voice over work, VFX, and editing. Jerry shows off his multiple filmmaking talents by wearing many hats and pushing those around him to explore the boundaries of their comedic voices.

Christmas of 2016 Jerry and Brandon released their first co-written and co-directed script called Christmas Party. Heading into 2017, they have tons of original comedy sketches, and web series heading into production. 

 Writer/Director/Editor/VO Actor/Videographer


Jerry Gonzalez Bio

Projects Jerry has helped with for Entertainment Buffet:

Christmas Party (2016)          Co-Writer/Co-Director/Editor/VFX Artist

Projects Currently in Post-Production

Hooping Hips Don't Lie                                                Production Sound

Mario Party Destroys Friendships            Co-Director/Co-Camera/Editor/Sound

Trump's Victory Speech                                           VO Actor/Animation

Awk-Bot Episode 1: Diagnosis                    Co-Creator/Co-Director/VFX/Camera

Awk-Bot Episode 2: Dieting                 Co-Creator/Co-Director/VFX/Camera/Editor

Plan B Finale Part 1                                                       Production Sound

Plan B Finale Part 2                                                       Production Sound