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This podcast is hosted by Brandon M. Prosek and Jessica Kwazz where they will discuss all things entertainment related including film, TV, comedy, pop culture and more. Kelly Baskin was an original co-host but had to step away from the podcast after moving to LA to pursue here acting career. Alaina Stroud was a co-host for a time too but also stepped away when some acting opportunities came up.

Episodes will be released every other Thursday and can be found on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Blubrry or Podbean.com at http://entertainmentbuffet.podbean.com

So far episodes include:


Episode 1: Oscar Controversy

Episode 2: Top 10 Favorite Films

Episode 3: TV Binging  (w/ guest Caleb Jones)

Episode 4: Movie/TV Guilty Pleasures

Episode 5: Nerd Culture, Conventions + Cosplay (w/ guest Alannah Courtney) 

Episode 6: Improv vs. Sketch Comedy (w/ guest Cassie Ahiers)

Episode 7: Summer Box Office Challenge (w/ guest Cedric Bagwell)

Episode 8: Stand Up Comedy (w/ guest Joel Boyd)

Episode 9: Favorite Villains (w/ guest Joe Mangles)

Episode 10: Top 7 TV Dramas (w/ Maxine Grandy)

Episode 11: Game of Thrones Season 6 Review (w/ guests Alicia Wilson & Caleb Jones)

Episode 12: Game of Thrones Season 7 Predictions (w/ guests Alicia Wilson & Caleb Jones)

Episode 13: Movie Trailer Talk (w/ Charlie Duber)

Episode 14: Web Shows and YouTube (w/ Allen Murphy from Evil Iguana Productions)

Episode 15: Summer Movie Review (w/ Heath Rumble)

Episode 16: Stand Up Comedy (w/ Chris Higgins)

Episode 17: Acting & Directing (w/ Craig Deering from Evil Iguana Productions)

Episode 18: Horror Comedies (w/ Jerry Gonzalez)

Episode 19: Wrestling is REAL Rountable (w/ Michael Palmendari and Kyle Adams)

Episode 20: Winter Movie Season Preview (w/ Josh Sibley)

Episode 21: Westworld Season 1 Review (w/ Josh Sibley)

Episode 22: Favorite Christmas Movies (w/ Jamie Jirak)

Episode 23: Star Wars & Rogue One Chat (w/ Jerry Gonzalez)

Episode 24: Movie Awards Season Discussion (w/ Josh Sibley)

Episode 25: Movie Flops That Deserve Another Chance (w/ Daniel Ott)

Episode 26: Romantic Comedies Good or Bad? (w/ Alaina Stroud)

Episode 27: Top 10 Favorite Comedy Films

Episode 28: TV Shows We Gave Up On

Episode 29: Favorite Kids Shows - Live Action

Episode 30: DC Comic Book Films (w/ Tyler Tidmore)

Episode 31: Original Movies YOU Should See in Theaters

Episode 32: Favorite Kids Shows - Animation

Episode 33: Disney Remaking Animations Debate

Episode 34: Movies That Make Us Cry

Episode 35: Top 7 TV Comedy Shows

Episode 36: Movie Homework Swap

Episode 37: Favorite Sports Movies

Episode 38: Best Movies That Are The WORST (w/ Jessica Kwazz)


We also have a SECOND Podcast coexisting on the same feed called FILM TWEAKERS

Film Tweakers 1: Suicide Squad w/ Josh Sibley

Film Tweakers 2: Jurassic World w/ Bethany Duber

Film Tweakers 3: Interstellar w/ Heath Rumble

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