Mission Statement

  "Entertainment Buffet is a media production company that makes web shows, sketch comedies, and short films. By working with new cast and crew, we bring a creative edge to the comedy world. Through comedy our objective is to always captivate the viewer. "



      Entertainment Buffet started in 2011 and grew to become a creative platform for a number of comedy sketches, web series and short films. Created by Brandon Prosek, a writer/comedian/director "it began as just an idea to produce some work but became so much more." Since then, it has grown to a fine collection of videos that represent the mission statement. 


          Currently, Entertainment Buffet is working on their first theater production of an original dark comedy play called How Does That Make You Feel?  The play will have it's initial run at Stage 773 in downtown Chicago August 10th-13th and 17th-20th.


         In addition, Entertainment Buffet has over a dozen videos including web shows and sketches in post production looking to be released later in 2017 including their 9 episode web series called Plan B. In early 2016 they began producing The Entertainment Buffet Podcast which is released bi-weekly on Tuesdays hosted by Brandon Prosek and various guests to discuss movies, television and many entertainment topics.


        In Early 2015, Entertainment Buffet became an official LLC  Many more projects are lined up to be filmed as well as ideas continually sprouting in the minds of the creators we collaborate with. Wherever there is creativity and film-making, you can be sure Entertainment Buffet will be right there too. 

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