Mission Statement

  "Entertainment Buffet is a media production company that makes web shows, sketch comedies, and short films. By working with new cast and crew, we bring a creative edge to the comedy world. Through comedy our objective is to always captivate the viewer. "



      Entertainment Buffet started in 2011 and grew to become a creative platform for a number of comedy sketches and short films. Created by Brandon M. Prosek, a writer/comedian/director, it began as an idea but became so much more. In 2012, Brandon met producer Jessica Kwasniewski who joined forces with Brandon to produce a number of sketches. Since then, it has grown to a fine collection of videos that represent the mission statement. 


         In late 2014 and early 2015, Entertainment Buffet focused on web series and sketch comedy. Their work includes web series called Pizza Delivery which ran for 8 episodes and Common Therapy which currently holds 4 with possibly more down the line. During that time, The So I Saw Show launched where Brandon would review certain movies released their opening weekends.


         In 2016, they plan to release two brand new web series called Plan B created by Brandon M. Prosek based out of Chicago. and Film Femmes created by producer Jessica Kwasniewski which will be filmed and produced in Los Angeles California.


         In February of 2016, The Entertainment Buffet Podcast was launched hosted by longtime collaborating actress Kelly Baskin and Brandon M. Prosek. Episodes will be released every other Tuesday and will discuss film, television, comedy, pop culture and many topics with episodes occasionally featuring guests joining the conversation.


         As 2016 continues, Entertainment Buffet continues to venture into finding new voices to join the team and other avenues to explore such as their live show they produced in January at The Comedy Bar. New goals include more sketches from a more diverse group of writers, an animation web series and perhaps a comedy news related series. 




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